The Future of AI in National Security: A Revolutionary Leap

 If artificial intelligence can swiftly summarize, bullet-point, and transform four articles on a significant national security controversy into a captivating article and PowerPoint presentation, then one might wonder—could brain surgery be next on its list of capabilities? 

Truly, I jest not. 

Allow me to unravel this technological marvel. As an inquisitive mind seeking the possibilities of artificial intelligence for our national security members, I posed a simple yet profound question: What could AI do for leaders in National Security? And thus, the response from one of the chat engines was enlightening: 

"I can help them to research and analyze information... I can help them to communicate... I can help them to stay up-to-date... I can help them to develop new strategies and plans." 

With a plethora of AI chat programs at my disposal, each with unique specialties, I embarked on an experiment. My focus? The significant national security controversy—the purloined document involving the United States, Ukraine, and Russia's invasion. I presented four articles to AI, seeking summaries, text, and bullet points, with a unique prompt to create a PowerPoint presentation. 

The results were nothing short of astounding. 

Below are two of the four articles used in this experiment: 

Through AI, I delved into the perspectives of President Biden's critics and Democratic officials regarding the situation. The AI provided eloquent summaries of these diverse opinions, capturing the essence of the debate. 

And so, I deployed ChatGPT 4.0, instructing it to create PowerPoint slide titles, subtitles, and relevant information based on the content. In a matter of moments, a professional and thought-provoking PowerPoint presentation emerged—ready for the world to see. 

What lessons have I gleaned from this endeavor? 

Within less than one hour, experts in any discipline can harness the power of AI to extract information from various sources, craft compelling articles, and produce visually stunning presentations. Whether shared with fellow experts, the media, or beyond—the possibilities are boundless. 

All without breaking a sweat. 

And so, I ponder once more—could brain surgery be next?
Note: All  generative text models have limitations  including hallucinations. The more important the work product, the greater the need to fact-check for misinformation  and, yes, for "bad trips".
(Pdf of Power Point presentation is below.  It opens as a Google Doc. Just scroll down to see entire presentation)

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