4 reasons to stream online video, daily

4 Reasons to video stream daily

With the advent of online video streaming into social media, people are beginning to wonder why they should devote resources and time to obtain an audience. Making the decision to crank up the video and talk with new and familiar contacts, like everything, comes down to a cost benefit analysis. However, there are reasons to stream daily.  Here are just four basic reasons to do so:

1. IT’S EASY: Depending upon the technology tools one uses for streaming, connecting with the audience is now a piece of cake. Within minutes, one can crank up the video and get exposure.

2. IT’S A TRIP: Just like any journey or trip, one never knows who’s going to be on the road. Thus, the opportunities to connect with new faces and share fresh ideas and information makes the effort worthwhile.

3. IT’S INTERACTIVE BABY: Interactivity is critical in today's communication. Publishing content without immediate feedback is so old-time. It’s flat. Not that there is no value in creating content with the hope that people watch or read. But due to the interactivity dominance of video streaming, the ability to engage in a dialogue with another and get immediate input is worth the effort. Just imagine if Shakespeare had the ability to stream into social media like Facebook or YouTube. On the spot, now, the barb would have an audience and discover immediately if his creation was a hit or a miss. For him, to video or not to video would not be the question. It would absolutely be the latter.

4. IT’S SOCIAL Say hello to social media. Yes, social media is now the place to communicate while online. While the World Wide Web still attracts a lot of eyeballs thanks to search engines like Google, video streaming allows one to reach out and touch down into an existing social media audience and share.